Town Tavern

Come #gettowned if you dare ;)

2323 18th St NW
Located a few miles from downtown, an internationally diverse restaurant experience with an active nightlife scene along 18th St NW and Columbia Road
These are the DC bars dedicated the sports, with multiple flat screen TV to check out the game. Many bars cater to out of town sports fans, as most people in DC are from somewhere else.
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TownTavern DC
Thursday Night Football @ Town Tavern! $3 Domestic Bottles $4 Mixed Rails $5 Drafts Pints & House Wines ½ Priced Select Bar Bites 5-9pm
Thursday Oct 23 - 2:25pm
TownTavern DC
RSVP for $5 off our COMIC-CON HALLOWEEN PARTY OPEN BAR!! Best costume gets a $50 Bar Tab! RSVP now>>>
Thursday Oct 23 - 9:32am
TownTavern DC
Happy Hump Day! $3 Domestic Bottles $4 Mix Rails $5 All Draft Pints, House Wines 1/2 Select Bar Bites 5-9pm
Wednesday Oct 22 - 2:46pm
TownTavern DC
Work for a NON-PROFIT? Is there a CAUSE you want to help? Email & book your Philanthropy Party today!
Wednesday Oct 22 - 9:05am
TownTavern DC
Why limit Happy to an Hour? Extended Happy Hour 5-9pm! **Don't miss out on our COMIC-COM HALLOWEEN PARTY RSVP here:
Tuesday Oct 21 - 2:35pm
TownTavern DC
~Monday Night Football Specials~ $3 Domestic Bottles $12 Mix 'n Match Domestic Bottle Buckets
Monday Oct 20 - 2:25pm
TownTavern DC
We're bringing Comic-Con to DC!! RSVP to our COMIC-CON HALLOWEEN PARTY before Oct. 25th & get $5 off the OPEN BAR!!
Monday Oct 20 - 9:30am
TownTavern DC
SUNDAY FUNDAY! Town Tavern has got you covered...specials ALL.GAME.DAY.LONG!!
Sunday Oct 19 - 10:01am
TownTavern DC
Did someone say OPEN BAR?! Saturday Night Shakedown 8-10pm only $10~ RSVP below and you could drink for FREE!
Saturday Oct 18 - 3:45pm
TownTavern DC
College Saturday! Get all your GAMEDAY GOODNESS @ Town Tavern! Tailgate Grub*Beer*Booze*HDTV Sports Action EVERYWHERE! Come Play!
Saturday Oct 18 - 9:01am
TownTavern DC
Come support Ayuda & DRINK 4 A CAUSE @ Town Tavern! $3 drink specials from 6-9pm w/ your donation~
Friday Oct 17 - 2:35pm
TownTavern DC
T.G.I.F!! Enter below to win a Happy Hour & Drink for FREE! Sign-up here:
Friday Oct 17 - 9:31am
TownTavern DC
Thursday Night Football $3 Domestic Bottles $4 Mixed Rails $5 Drafts Pints & House Wines by the glass ½ Priced Select Bar Bites 5-9pm
Thursday Oct 16 - 2:25pm
TownTavern DC
Check out this Meetup with San Francisco Giants and Niners Fans in Washington DC!
Thursday Oct 16 - 12:14pm
TownTavern DC
Look what's cookin' at The Town Tavern~ Pulled Porker w/ Fried Egg, Inside-Out Quesadilla & More! Thursday= Happiest Happy Hour!
Thursday Oct 16 - 10:11am