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Halloween Weekend in DC
DC Halloween Parties

Check back for more events happening on Halloween Weekend in DC.
The Foolery Begins! #Bar7Crew #Halloween #CostumeContest ~ Come Ready to Compete Tonight! πŸ”ͺπŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸ”ͺ…
10-31-2014 08:49PM
Friday October 31
Madam's Organ
Halloween 2014
Learn how to become a bartender. Set up a free class visit at the Professional Bartending School. Our grads are serving you everywhere. They are making your money!!. Can you do better? (703) 841-9700.
And that's just the beginning of crazeeeness at Dacha! :-) #shaw #halloween
10-31-2014 08:00PM
Twitter Activity
OSullivans Irish Pub
The mob is ready.....
Friday Oct 31 - 8:49pm
9:30 Club
Thank you SO much for the amazing performance @smallpools. Come back super soon! #SmallMagic930
Friday Oct 31 - 8:49pm
Gibson DC
Days and nights have burn and cauldron bubble #pickyourpoison #nightmareon14thst
Friday Oct 31 - 8:46pm
OSullivans Irish Pub
Tonight is the night! Get on your best gangster outfit and join us for a great night!
Friday Oct 31 - 8:43pm
9:30 Club
Well there's a first for everything. Peter Pan just rode a killer whale through the club. @smallpools #SmallMagic930
Friday Oct 31 - 8:36pm
Halloween Bracket Room style
Friday Oct 31 - 8:25pm
Takoma station Tavern!!! Halloween Party. Where you going to be Tonight? Suttle Thoughts Baby!!! @…
Friday Oct 31 - 8:23pm
Sign of the Whale DC
Halloween thewhaledc is just getting started! #blackandorangeball @ Sign of the Whale DC
Friday Oct 31 - 8:16pm
O'Connell's Pub
Banish those demons with "Sara Gray" bell at toll's 10 by the way did anyone see Liam !! O'Cs 112 King
Friday Oct 31 - 8:11pm
9:30 Club
All these new @smallpools tracks are RAD. Full-length album soon, please? #SmallMagic930
Friday Oct 31 - 8:09pm
Room 11
RT @jaime_pridemore: Swordfish, white beans, clam & tomato stew, prawn @room11dc
Friday Oct 31 - 7:50pm
Bar 7
The Foolery Begins! #Bar7Crew #Halloween #CostumeContest ~ Come Ready to Compete Tonight! πŸ”ͺπŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸ”ͺ…
Friday Oct 31 - 7:49pm
Here is one of our dogs. Happy Halloween! #barreldc #halloween
Friday Oct 31 - 7:44pm
The 201 Bar
Happy Halloween! From the great looking staff here at The 201 Bar! #halloween #funnycostumes
Friday Oct 31 - 7:41pm
Retweeted Cosmic Vibes Live (@cosmicvibeslive): Review photos video and audio from @TownMountain and @GrandOleDitch @GypsySallys
10-31-2014 07:21PM
You'll find plenty of chilling thrills at our Halloween Party tonight!
10-31-2014 07:07PM
Happy #Halloween!
10-31-2014 08:47PM
Talk About Bar DC
Located a few miles from downtown, an internationally diverse restaurant experience with an active nightlife scene along 18th St NW and Columbia Road
Early on Halloweenie night
10-31-2014 08:46PM
Historic and upscale area of DC, frequented by college crowds and tourists. The Georgetown Waterfront is one of the most romantic spots in the city.
Here is a picture to match our previous description of our special Rhodeside Grill, a 10 oz ribeye with dill bΓ©arnaise served with sweet potato mash and spiced pork creamed spinach.
10-31-2014 07:15PM
Happy Halloween! Spend the night with us for spooky cocktails and fun music. #happyhalloween #halloween #bardupont
10-31-2014 06:22PM
10-31-2014 08:18PM
Our bartenders are dressed up and ready to serve you this Halloween night.
10-31-2014 08:10PM
Vibrant and trendy center of nightlife in DC, around Dupont Circle.
Close to downtown and a destination for congressional staffers.
Holoween After-party at Tropicalia . 3:00 am - 12:00 Noon . Perhaps the greatest event to ever be held under a Subway restaurant (sub-subway?)
10-31-2014 06:24PM
Anyone up for some KFC?
10-31-2014 07:38PM
Here is your free pass for tonight's party! Happy halloween and see everyone there tonight! πŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸŽƒ
10-31-2014 06:09PM
10-31-2014 08:43PM
Its Halloween. Drink your guts out!
10-31-2014 06:37PM
We got our groove on, and our ghoul on, and our punch on, and our disco on ... ✌✌
10-31-2014 05:32PM
We've got beer and more. Much more. But also a lot of beer. Good beer. And bourbon. Also, some skeeball. Come and visit.
Indie Bar ~ Lounge ~ Vegetarian Restaurant ~ Wicked DJs (202) 775-0747
For us, it's more than simply a beverage. It's a state of mind. Drink more...Bourbon.
Catering, Cafe, Cocktails, Coffeehouse. Something old, something new, something organic, something brewed.